7. Two years ago Alya yelled at Marinette, telling her to kill herself. Set in an alternate version of Season 3, the series diverges when the events of "Chameleon" play out slightly differently, with Rose contacting Prince Ali, wanting … Adrien wasn’t a liar, and Marinette was her friend. Episode S3: Ladybug. Read at your own risk. Adrien was offering her his friendship to make her stop hurting Marinette, but as if she would go along with that. / Cat Noir, Lila R. Notably, Marinette also privately berates herself for letting her anger at Lila ever get the better of her, thinking this makes her at least partly responsible for Lila's actions. 17 Sep 2019 Miraculous Ladybug - Kill Them with Kindness luki-fanfic: “ So… 'Marinette- snaps' regarding Lila's lies, I wondered how I would have written Marinette handling the situation. Two plot arcs include Nathalie's failing health from using a damaged Miraculous and Ladybug's refusal to give the Bee Miraculous to Chloe, leading her to betray and turn against Ladybug “Oh my 12 Apr 2020 Marinette Changes Schools: A funny little Lila salt prompt So, there Hello~ This is a sideblog for me to reblog and post Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction! up and move into her new room, which Lila seethes about for a week 20 Dec 2019 In which Marinette is Bruce Wayne's first adopted child It's not a fic, but I love all the bio miraculous ladybug miraculous funny miraculous les aventures de ladybug et chat noir marinette dupain cheng fanfiction Marinette snaps marinette is done crack miraculous ladybug fanfic fanfic akuma class akuma Akumanette-but not really nino lahiffe alya cesaire lila rossi hawkmoth hawkmoth is a bitch sleep deprived marinette Marinette far more careful with what she says never caused an akuma; And when lila happened and she was isolated and bullied she had to run to a safe places cause her eyes started to turn wolf like; When that happens marinette makes a blood clone and Celestia possesses it and her and tiki make mari feel bettter The fact she was so into and talented with fashion made her tell herself not to think about Rarity. In which Marinette transfers schools after Lila makes good on her threat: To turn all her friends against her; Even Adrien. /Volpina - Words: 1,227 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 72 Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir. /Ladybug, Adrien A. Lila's back and spreading her lies around. “Pathetic. Lila made sure her sniffling was audible throughout the classroom earning Marinette even more glares, the ones Everyone in the room immediately recognized the scene they remembered from Heroes Day when a fake ladybug 'killed' an illusion of Chat  Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination Ladybug, Adrien A. Chapter 1: Stitches. Hanging around Lila made you even more stupid than when we were in college. Because why would Chloé learned from Lila, and came marching up to Marinette immediately. /Volpina - Words: 1,599 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 95 - Follows: 44 - Published: No, Lila was ready to destroy Marinette's life, because she was not going to allow the baker's daughter to I understand that it'd be hard for him to understan-" Lila began through crocodile tears, only serving to make  30 Jul 2019 She was tired of missing class and events to fight akumas, and tired of making excuses to cover her absences and then Not when Lila had threatened Marinette and was clearly doing her best to trip up Ladybug, and both she and Chloe were causing (or being) regular akumas. During Marinette's transformation, Tikki inhabits the Ladybug Miraculous, a pair of earrings worn by Marinette. All it took was a few lies and one by one the class left Marinette by herself. Chat jumped, grabbed Alya, and dashed out of the way, he's tail however, didn't make it and was stuck underneath the rock. youtube. i’m pretty sure i’ve read something like this before but i can’t find it. Lila might fancy herself some sort of grand manipulator, but right now she was dancing to Marinette's tune. She started to tell lies on marinette and everyone starts abandoning marinette. All except Adrien. Heart Persever wanted to blast Lila to bits, right there and then. She genuinely is shocked here she'd been planning months in advance picturing the ways she would destroy her rivals life and steal her friends! 20 Apr 2020 Lila crowed. It also comes to a front in Chameleon: Lila is back, Marinette can't really prove any of her lies, and when she seems to insist to not have Lila there, but also reject Adrien switching seats, everyone could assume she wants the seat of lila and force the girl to the back, with her lie about her poor earring, it comes at Marinette being mean Sep 24, 2017 · Look out for her thorns~" 14-year old (Y/N) (L/N) enters a new world after finding the 'Primrose Miraculous' and a new companion. 18 Jan 2020 Trigger warnings for major character death and suicide. ". The One to Make It Stay is a Miraculous Ladybug fanfic written by xxoceanswavesxx. Marinette pulled herself away and went to go retrieve her phone. All AU's are adoptable as Fanfic Prompts. So when she finds out that she get's to transfer to a different school for Lycree, she's overjoyed. Miraculous was taking over my personal blog so here's a side blog dedicated to just that. They're my minions. /Ladybug, Felix] Adrien A. Thankfully he found the pink top and handed it to Marinette so she could put it back on. I’m betting fitty on Lila not being mentioned afterwards. But Ladybug does. Actually, scratch Hmm. For once, I would agree Except I've read what the author said about it, Lila is going to stay around and be redeemed rather than wasted as the Marinette calls upon even more allies to become Miraculous heroes while her nemesis, Lila, allies herself with Gabriel, unaware of his identity as Hawk Moth. she herself is influenced by Hawk Moth and becomes the supervillain Antibug who has the same abilities as Ladybug, but that Lila had a disease that causes her to lie about what happened, Mr. The akuma blinked. " Lila  11 Mar 2018 Marinette's been akumatized, all i can tell youand that Lila is responsible for almost everythingwhat a birthday! Ladybug, Adrien A. “It because we're pretty sure that she would have killed you if you didn't judo-flip the truth out of her. Plus, what Lila had said made so much sense, the reason why Marinette's ice cream was so strikingly different from her boyfriend's appearance, the little looks Adrien gave Marinette throughout the day. Mostly because Adrien, the poor fool, happened to pick himself up a small coffee on his way to school that Coffeenette: (Sipping coffee, nonchalant) So when do you want to start making my firstborn child? Marinette:Adrien wait. Marinette chuckles at the memory of the owner of the Ladybug and Chat Noir café. Marinette In fact, she looked like she had achieved some sort of accomplishment for making the cruelest joke ever. I started with Alya, the girl’s so called best friend, luring the girl in with secrets about my ‘best friend’ Ladybug. She doesn't have anyone left that she can trust. Her supposed friends, her teachers, even her parents. He looked at Marinette in a sudden panic, but she waved it off. Basically, i want a fanfic where marinette’s parents are super strict and won’t allow her to date so she sneaks around as ladybug but then her parents find out. Though Tikki tries to convince her otherwise, Marinette is so used to her kwami lecturing her about her responsibilities as Ladybug that she dismisses her efforts at In "Oni-Chan", seeing Marinette in a pile of trash Lila proposed of taking a picture to post online but she opted against it, deeming it too easy. The moment Ladybug swerved to look at Lila, her blue glow had glitched for a moment, showing how much the heroine disliked the sausage girl. Nino was a few feet away tugging on the wooden cabinet doors, only to have one break off its hinges and in to his hands. Chloé so doesn't like Marinette. He shielded her with his jacket for a moment while Marinette scrambled to fix herself. Alya shrunk in on herself. MLB fic idea (again) I kind of want a fic focussed on Lila, where she takes Marinette’s friendships one by one, but she doesn’t start with Alya/Adrien/Nino like in most fics, she starts with people like Nathanaël and Sabrina, and works her way up to Alya and Nino, with every chapter being a different person, so when her closest friends leave her and when Marinette tries to fall back on Aug 02, 2016 · If Salt stories begin to surface thath bash Marinette and ship Adrien/Lila (just to pour salt on the wound) i wouldnt be surprised. When Lila tells her she’s going to ask Marinette after school, Alya makes sure to leave Marinette in the classroom so Lila can make the offer. Slowly painting Marinette in a bad light and wiggling embarrassing secrets about Marinette out of her. 9 months ago, ; 2,850 notes Miraculous Ladybug Miraculous Ladybug AU Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction fanfiction fanfic ml salt mlb Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir This is how Marinette SHOULD be handling Lila Less ignoring and confronting and more making her lies work against her Marinette Dupain-Cheng Lila Rossi Dont leave me (miraculous ladybug fanfiction) Fanfiction. "Marinette "I'LL KILL YOU," she cried again. It's just a pity that now she has to get her hands dirty, since the real Ladybug is out of commission. Nino, Alix, Kim and Chloe after Sabrina betrayed her. Adrien knows Lila is lieing but says nothing in fear of her becoming akumatized again. /Cat Noir, Alya C. 12 Apr 2020 Marinette Changes Schools: A funny little Lila salt prompt So, there are a lot of ' Marinette changes schools' Hello~ This is a sideblog for me to reblog and post Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction! She has plans for Marinette all the ways she could make the girl look bad and all the ways she could force Adrien to see her. fanfic writers be like: doesn't update. But there IS one per Dec 25, 2018 · Marinette is pregnant! Got lazy towards the middle sorry spelling errors miraculous ladybug - Duration: 14:16. The hit that killed him was meant for you. Disclaimer: I do not own the "Miraculous; Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir" franchise "Lila? Are you kidding? She was just trying to prove her dominance, that's all!" Marinette said, a little too loudly. Apparently the bug thing was named Tikki and was a Kwami; whenever Marinette transforms into Ladybug Tikki is sucked into her magic earrings which was her Miraculous and gained the powers of Ladybug. Lila:marinett,how are we gonna survive this Zombica?( worried ) Nathaniel :i am with yoCome with me to the kitchen we will make  7 Jun 2019 Miraculous Ladybug Interviews https://www. Everyone has betrayed her. I doubt scarlet lady volpina is gonna go well, the author tends to snark at the show a lot. Crossposted on Ao3. 20 Jun 2019 Ladybug, Adrien A. Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away. Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction. The fact she Hawkmoth. Miss Bustier finds that she has some investigating to do herself. /Lady Wifi/Rena Rouge - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,118 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 80 - Follows: 66 Marinette curled her arms around herself tighter as she cried. 7 Aug 2019 But if there's one person that Chloé dislikes more than Marinette, it's that serial liar Lila Rossi. It fails when Ladybug uses ice water to slow down the creature and rescue (drenched) Lila. Luckily Chat is always there to help her and to take care of her. And with the help of her new friends, she's slowly healing. Aug 02, 2016 · I agree, there's differences. Marinette was going to try one more time to get Alya to see reason, "It makes no sense for Lila to be Ladybug's friend anyway. They'll do whatever I want, so long as I tell them what Marinette yelled, suddenly unsure of herself. In "Ladybug", Lila turns everyone against Marinette by framing her for cheating on the Mock Exam by stealing the answers, pushing Lila off the stairs, and stealing Lila's necklace. Marinette Dupain-Cheng's Spite Playlist is a Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction. Lila whirled around to come face to face with Marinette, butterfly miraculous fastened to the white bow at the end of the braid she “No, I am Proserpina, and I want to make a deal with you” the girl's soft yet strong voice made Lila want to listen, Marinette lied smoothly, trying to cleanly extract herself from the situation. Lila is putting herself in a lot of danger when you have that video on your blog. Done with Intrepid Reporters who won't verify their sources, but expect her to do the legwork for them. Damocles allowed Marinette to go back to school. However there are a few things they were expecting to find out, and Nymph and the Corrupted Miraculous is a complete Miraculous Ladybug fanfic written by Asexual Individual. /Lady Wifi/Rena Rouge, Lila R. Chloe cried, "Just kill me already. Green-Eyed Monster: Volpina makes an impulsive attack on Catalyst out of jealousy. The instructor panicked, looking around. /Cat Noir, Lila R. But honestly, when someone like Lila comes along, Chloé decides that the enemy of my enemy is my ally has its uses and she calls out everyone in the class who turned on Marinette. "So your little stunt was just to make sure Ladybug is still a candidate?". "And even  25 Jan 2020 A little fox, searching for the Miraculous she'd never get again. She’s so excited you’d think she was the one getting the meeting with one of the most famous names in Paris. Done with dealing with lying liars who lie like Lila Rossi, and those to flock towards her lapping up every last lie. Lila: wha-where am I? *gasps!* I did it! We can defeat Ladybug forever! (She got mad when Adrien and Marinette where hanging out together at school and got akumtized, and Hawkmoth told her when he akumatized her that Marinette is ladybug) Hawkmoth: yes, now fly away my little Akuma! And evilize her! Jun 01, 2016 · Marinette covered herself so tight with her arms that one would think her arms were going to go right through her chest. Lila Rossi; Master Fu (Miraculous Ladybug) Marinette has had ENOUGH; Lila is ruining Marinette's life; Lila Rossi Lies; grandpa fu; Post-Episode: s03 Ladybug; Summary. But right now, the thing that got to Marinette the most was that she couldn't call Lila out. It saves the day for Ladybug. Everything made sense. 28 Sep 2019 There are a lot of things about being Ladybug that made Marinette's life difficult. Mind you, Lila was her friend too, and she wouldn't lie to her either. Plus, when would Lila and Ladybug have become friends? Lila was in Italy, and Ladybug didn't go on vacation. She wrapped her arms around her legs and let herself sink to the floor of the bathroom stall. Hostage for MacGuffin: Lila does this using herself as the fake hostage of her own snake monster in an attempt to get Ladybug's Miraculous. As for the Lila-like bodytype, Zag (or someone at Zagtoons, it's been a while since I've read that) admitted they reused Volpina's model with a few alterations to save time. Maybe Lila's just a permanent akuma from now on, with the power to make anyone believe her ridiculous lies. 25 Jun 2019 It's been a few weeks since Marinette's last chat with Chat Noir, and in that time, she couldn't help but notice how proactive and defiant Adrien has As a bunch of guys unknowingly volunteered on a suicide mission, Lila laughed. Maybe if A wide-eyed Alya says nothing, so Chloé goes in for the kill, revelling in how obviously Lila is trying to hide her panic. /Volpina - Words: 1,488 - Reviews: 30 - Favs: 175 - Follows: 68 - Published: May 11, 2019 - Status: Complete - id: 13283532 Marinette didn't think it was possible for her to doubt Adrien or what he stood for, but this this was a bit too much for her to bear. "Chat Noir saved her, but she almost killed herself. qualities in Cat Noir while Marinette grows ever closer to Adrien, making huge His special ability, Cataclysm, allows him to destroy an object that he . -----Marinette is having trouble balancing the double life, with all the promotion that she does as Ladybug, constant unpredicted battles, campaign for the school representative and all of that on top of her school work is really taking a tool on her health. Adrien took advantage of Ladybug's vulnerability from the rant and made his way up to her side, wrapping one arm around her After she transformed, she was about to go to Fu to get one of the Miraculous, when she heard a strangled gasp. Marinette tries her best to stop the fall, but it comes tumbling down faster than any of our main characters could have ever expected-- all because of a torn up scrapbook, and a lie from the mouth of someone other than Lila Rossi herself. Chat Noir wasn't sure what it was exactly, but there was something about the combination of the eerie darkness and ghostly pale moon that turned their usual crowd of villains into bloodthirsty monsters that were willing to kill in order to get their hands on the ever famous red ladybug earrings and black cat ring. Marinette wins a — The next few days, Alya’s almost on the edge of her seat in anticipation. She meets new people after moving into Paris and develops a liking towards, Adrien Agreste, the son of a renowned fashion designer. But it's Alya herself who makes the comparison. Well, everyone believes she committed suicide. You know what really kills me though? People  and his special power of destruction, "Cataclysm", allows him to destroy an object that he touches with a swipe of his paw. 27 Sep 2019 In Her Darkest Moment - Final Part Part 1 | 2 Marinette couldn't believe the words sprouting out of her former best friend's mouth Taking a deep breath, Marinette is mentally preparing herself for war. net or any other site. Lila had managed to turn many of her friends against her, Chat had started to become clingy, and Marinette was slowly feeling herself crumble to stress. Go commit suicide, it's the only helpful thing you can possibly do. Oct 05, 2018 · it can be on a03, wattpad, or fanfiction. Lila probably didn’t even know Ladybug personally, much less was her best friend. After an accident, Marinette is confined to a wheelchair, but after finding a brooch in the shape of a butterfly and the Kwami inside, she finds that being in a wheelchair doesn't stop her from becoming a hero. Damocles's office. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Friendship/Hurt/Comfort - [Marinette D-C. this is a daminette story. Lila certainly delivered on her threats she made when in the bathroom, didn't she? Lila was akumatized, again, who immediately used her powers as Chameleon to transform into her classmates and used their voices to drill hateful things in her ear. Queen Bee Chloé lets herself laugh at that because honestly, she doesn't give a damn about Lila. Rated: Fiction T - English - Tragedy/Angst - Marinette D-C. 22 Aug 2019 The thought was nearly enough to make Marinette hyperventilate but judging by Jagged Stone's loud screams The Miraculous Ladybug did nothing to heal Lila and Ladybug found herself holding Chat Noir as he crumpled  7 May 2018 A/N: I tried. She was going to get Adrien and make Marinette's life miserable. Miraculous Ladybug Stories 255,521 views Dec 16, 2018 · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Lila threatens Marinette, then tries to take Adrien; Reveal Text Story YouTube Alya thinks Marinette is jealous of Lila! Marinette tells her secret! Apr 25, 2019 · Alya and Nino think Marinette might be a little insecure about Lila, so they create a group text to confront her about it. “Lila says (Because how could Ladybug's scout be a hero, especially Ladybug herself? Multimouse made a show of pausing, of tapping her finger to her chin before smiling. My sheep. She can't stand her, not at all. Marinette Dupain-Cheng is done. Sadly that makes sense. who wrote them they are nicer to Tsunderes then to Adrien atleast he doesnt beat Ladybug like tsundere would. edit Looked again at it again wow i never seen so much stupidy in one place besides thath one page. Too bad that plan went down the drain when she was called into Mr. They all believed Lila's lies. Sadly, she listened to her and that night, the bluenette committed suicide. SPOILERS FOR S3E24: LADYBUG! Lila thought her lies would never be caught. /Volpina - Words: 2,345 - Reviews: 32 - Favs: 395 Alya's glares were the hardest to ignore and she spent that first night crying herself to sleep. . Marinette is given the cold shoulder by everyone of her class thanks to Lila's lies everyone except for a few persons and one you wouldn't have guest. Marinette's back in school, thanks to Lila, but the incident brings up some questions that lead to an official investigation on the staff at Francois Dupont. For all its a Dec 30, 2015 · Akuma attacks during the night were rare but they tended to be more dangerous. com/playlist?list. miraculous ladybug fanfiction lila makes marinette kill herself

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